Why Courteney Cox Didn’t Have Fun Dancing in Friends’ Fountain

The Friends characters will be there for each other when the rain starts to pour, but there appears to be a limit to how drenched they’re really willing to get. 

Courteney Cox is a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, May 6, as seen in preview footage. At one point during the visit, host Ellen DeGeneres asked the 56-year-old Cougar Town alum for her memories of the cast dancing in the fountain, as seen in the opening credits and in marketing images for the enduring NBC sitcom. 

When Ellen asked whose idea it was to have the cast romp around in the water, Courtney replied, “Well, it definitely wasn’t mine. We were in that fountain for a long time. Somebody thought that would just be really fun, and let me tell you what happens—it’s not fun to be dancing in a fountain for hours and hours.”

She continued, “I remember Matthew Perry saying at one point, and we didn’t know each other that well at that point. But I remember, and this is so Matthew, but he was like, ‘Can’t remember a time that I wasn’t in this fountain.'”

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