You Won’t Believe What Dr. Dubrow Finds Inside Flora’s Breasts!

A blast from reality TV past.

On tonight’s all-new Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif met with two veterans from the reality TV world. First up, the doctors sat down with Real World alum Flora Alekseyeun, who was desperate to have her “uniboob” fixed.

As she detailed during her consultation with the doctors, after having a baby, her boobs became massive. Thus, she downsized her previous DD implants to a smaller size. Unfortunately, complications arose, and the former MTV star went on to have two additional surgeries.

Sadly, Flora’s breasts began transitioning into Symmastia, “which is a communication between the right and left breast pockets.” Although Flora’s previous surgeon attempted to fix things, the reconstructive procedure was unsuccessful.

This news didn’t surprise Dr. Dubrow, especially upon learning that the then-surgeon operated while Flora was under twilight anesthesia.

“When I first became a plastic surgeon, Symmastia was considered unfixable. Then the community of plastic surgeons gained enough experience that it was considered partially fixable, under certain circumstances,” Heather Dubrow‘s husband stated. “News flash to Flora’s doctor, twilight anesthesia is not one of the those circumstances, because, number one, it’s incredible painful and number two, it’s really hard to do when the patient’s awake.”

In the exam room, Dr. Dubrow took a closer look at Flora’s uniboob and pondered if her body could handle another round of implants. Not only did Flora suffer from Symmastia, he also spotted capsular contracture.

“Capsular contracture—the number one cause of complications associated with breast implants—may’ve occurred inside of her body, causing scar tissue to form, pushing her implants up towards the center and causing her Symmastia,” Dr. Dubrow hypothesized in a confessional. “And if that’s the case, and we use implants again, she may be set up for this occurring all over again.”

After conferring with Dr. Nassif, who believed the Symmastia was caused by the previous surgeon, Dubrow agreed to take on Flora’s case. Yet, he had one condition: If Symmastia occurred again, they’d reconstruct without implants.

In the operating room, Dubrow found something particularly shocking. The previous surgeon used hernia mesh on Flora, which likely caused the Symmastia.

Thankfully, during the post-op checkup, Dr. Dubrow found Flora’s breasts to be Symmastia-free.

“Before my surgery, I had a uniboob situation that was not sexy at all,” Flora concluded. “But now, thanks to Dr. Dubrow, I have two separate breasts.”

Next up, the Botched doctors heard all about Rock of Love veteran Brittanya Razavi‘s rock hard behind.

“I got butt implants and then I got hydro-gel injections. And then, after a few months, my butt got harder and it’s getting wider and wider and bigger and bigger,” the Charm School alum dished. “I would love the perfect peach booty, but I’m stuck with these two watermelons.”

Brittanya shared this with the Botched doctors, who speculated that the hydro-gel was the cause of her issues. As Dubrow explained, hydro-gel isn’t approved in the United States as “not enough studies have been done to prove they’re safe to use in humans.”

Following an examination, Dubrow advised Brittanya to leave her butt alone. Why? Well, according to the doctors, attempting to remove the hydro-gel could cause “granuloma changes.”

Since the former VH1 star currently has a successful career on Instagram, she decided not to risk hurting her money-making bottom.

“My career means everything to me. I appreciate everyone who supports me, so I don’t want to let them down at any point,” she told the Botched camera. “So, if this is too much of a risk, I’m not gonna take that risk.”

For all of this and more, including Dr. Nassif’s work on a dog bite victim’s nose, be sure to watch the full episode HERE!

Botched returns tonight at 9 p.m., only on E!

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