YRush says ‘Enough is Enough’ – Wants Government to pay more attention to the poor during pandemic | Entertainment

In a moving single released last week, radio disc jock-turned-artiste YRush called on the Jamaican Government to show more concern about the needs of the nation’s most vulnerable.

In the track titled Enough is Enough, the entertainer shared that after a year and half of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, he has seen the suffering of the ordinary man increased 10-fold.

“Enough is enough, and it’s time for the Government to pay attention to the people who are suffering. If him (Prime Minister Andrew Holness) was to live the life of a ghetto youth fi not even a week, just two days straight, he would think differently about how he’s operated over the last year,” said YRush. “Jamaica is a hand-to-mouth country. Most of the people survive off ‘hustle’ and a lot of that has been affected since COVID. You cannot tell people that have no savings, that live hand to mouth, that they cannot work and you’re not doing enough to assist them.”

YRush pointed out that since offering J$10,000 grants at the onset of the global pandemic last year, the Government has not offered another large-scale assistance package.

“I feel, right now, people are suffering in a way I haven’t seen before, and I see a level of unfairness that I haven’t seen ever, either. You’re telling people who have families and responsibilities and children that they mustn’t go out and work, and you’re not supporting these people. How are these people supposed to live?” he questioned.

The entertainer, who says he will be focusing more on his music career this year, says so far, the song’s message is being endorsed by all who have listened. He said bthat ased on the feedback, people have been longing for someone to call out the Government for its lack of urgency in tending to poor people’s plight.

“I think I have a platform and an obligation to the people to speak on their behalf, because not everyone has a platform and a voice that can be heard, like mine can be heard,” he said. “And really and truly, is the people build Rush and make Rush relevant, and now that they are suffering I think that I have to speak on their behalf.”


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